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Our Services

You can find the plans that we offer below


We offer 3 different kinds of mentorship, depending on the time duration you want a mentor for. We strive to keep our prices as reasonable as possible, so that other potential law students do not have to face this bar at a preparatory stage. 

1 Year Programme

This is a mentorship for a full year, or for the entire time period from which you have subscribed to the programme, till the exam actually takes place. The cost for 1 year is INR 12,000/-

2 Year Programme

This is the same as the 1 Year Programme but meant for those students who are sure of the exam preparation that they want to do post high school and are slated to give the exam after 2 years. The cost for 2 years is INR 20,000/-

Crash Course 

This service entails a crash course of a month, in a month of your choice. We attempt to pack the mentorship into one month, and this is meant for the students who have decided closer to the exam that this is the path they want to follow. The cost for a month is INR 4000/-.

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